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Newlife Paints is available to trade in white and magnolia; matt, silk, and eggshell interior and exterior grade water-based emulsion.

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George from GB Decorating, Yorkshire, says:

“I was looking to find a paint that would sit nicely along side the ecological paints I already offer, but with a twist and after some searching narrowed it down to this company. Newlife paints were kind enough to send me a 5lt white matt emulsion to test and which on the back of I now use as stock white for ceilings due to its covering capacity and economical cost.

The Durapaint I cannot speak of highly enough, it’s universal use in bathrooms/ kitchens, high traffic areas and as a undercoat on old gloss paint, this product now sits permanently on the van saving me space due to it’s all round use. After using these standard products available in white and magnolia only, I went onto use their premium colour emulsion from the Reborn range which now sits nicely with the newly installed Lincrusta staircase that it was used on. These paints I have used on commercial and private projects with no quibble from my clients, and to think all this from a product that otherwise would of ended up in landfill!

I now wait in anticipation that they will extend and round off their product range with a water-based eggshell.”

Andy Smith from Decorating Naturally, Bedford area, says:
“I’ve used Newborn paint for a few jobs recently and I can recommend the product 100%.  My business is based on an environmentally responsible policy so being able to use a paint like Newlife is perfect.  It’s not just eco-friendly, it actually performs well, it’s nice to work with and a good finish to match the industry leaders.  I am happy to recommend it to my customers.”

Russel Marlow, West Sussex, says:

“Ever since we worked with Newlife to develop their range by providing feedback and testing their products, we have been keen to promote the ethos of re-using and recycling otherwise waste material. Apart from the logistics involved, sourcing and reclaiming waste paint, there are some serious chemistry skills brought to bear, resulting in a consistent, quality product. The features we particularly like are the smoothness of the paint, the excellent opacity and good colour mixing. The Brilliant White emulsion is a very effective coating for ceilings. We hope that we can help increase public acceptance of the recycling concept and the underlying quality of the paint. “

Battlesteads Hotel say:

Battlesteads Hotel in Wark, Northumberland, is a holder of a coveted Gold Award from GTBS. When faced with painting the interior of the hotel, their passion for sustainable products led them to research recycled paints. They discovered Newlife.
“They are an example of a sustainable business working on several levels. We were extremely impressed with their product, its price and their level of service. It is fantastic to be able to support a company such as this by using their paint in the hotel and I am sure that although we may be the first hotel to use them, we will certainly not be the last.” says Richard Slade of Battlesteads Hotel.

Stuart Hall – Painter and Decorator, West Sussex says:

“Good finish and excellent coverage, as an avid of user of Dulux Trade this surprised me”

Diane says:

“I’d heard about a local enterprise that recycled paint and so when our youngest son decided he wanted yellow for his bedroom walls, I contacted Newlife Paints to see if I could purchase paint direct from the factory, as it was so near to us. I was delighted to be invited to take a brief tour of the factory site and I had a nice chat with the owners.  From the colour cards and a couple of tester pots, we chose Gardenia which is a pleasant, calm shade of yellow.  Two coats have given as good a finish and coverage, in our view, as any big brand name paint, at a competitive price. We are very happy with the result. Plus it’s good to think we have done a tiny bit as regards landfill and the environment.  We will definitely be ordering again in the future and I am happy to recommend the company for their customer service and their product for its high quality and value for money.”

You can also see many positive, five-star reviews for our products on B&Q’s website, and on the following websites:

Amazing value for money
This paint really represents astounding value for money. I usually use high end emulsions that cost easily 3x as much as this–I find this paint pretty comparable in terms of coverage, and it lays nice and flat. It is certainly much better than the Dulux or Crown paints I have tried from B&Q. The eco credentials are a nice bonus, but I would buy this paint regardless.”

Miss Thrifty

“It’s thick, goes on smoothly and there are some pretty colours available.”

Traditional Painter

“As far as application and coverage is concerned, I would endorse Newlife’s claim that the quality of their paint is comparable to Dulux, which makes it a good trade quality.”

TSS Reviews

“We are confident however, that performance matches that of other premium decorative emulsion paints on the market…We found the paint to be well mixed, not too runny, and was both highly workable and highly functional.”