Thrilled to be an award winner…again

So, on Saturday we headed over to Brighton for the prestigious “green carpet” P.E.A. awards (People Environment Achievement). This year was the 5th annual award ceremony, dedicated to recognising sustainable champions from around the world.

“The theme of this year’s P.E.A. Awards ceremony was Revolution. For me, that means people – from the ground up – taking responsibility and actioning the changes that this world so badly needs. I am thrilled that we’re able to recognise and honour tonight’s award winners, who are leading the charge in the shift to a more conscious existence.”          Jarvis Smith, founder of the P.E.A. Awards

Our entry was for the “Product” category, in which they described themselves as looking for a green product which is helping consumers to shop and choose more consciously.

Competition in our category was strong, there were 5 companies shortlisted and they were all in very different areas of business to us. The other shortlisted companies were: Re-wrapped: which sells design-led recycled wrapping paper, Turtle Doves: uses post consumer textile waste to create beautiful garments and accessories, Elvis and Kresse: sell accessories made from reclaimed materials and Incognito: who sell 100% natural anti-mosquito products. We were therefore completely stunned when they announced that we had won our award, so up we headed onstage to Oliver Heath, the award presenter, and collected our fabulous award (which was a reclaimed house brick! Very in-keeping with the ethos of the whole event).

Award Picture

Head over to for links to all the winners, they are well worth checking out.


Reviews from professional decorators, Newlife Paints and Reborn:

“I was looking to find a paint that would sit nicely along side the ecological paints I already offer, but with a twist and after some searching narrowed it down to this company. Newlife paints were kind enough to send me a 5lt white matt emulsion to test and which on the back of I now use as stock white for ceilings due to its covering capacity and economical cost.

The Durapaint I cannot speak of highly enough, it’s universal use in bathrooms/ kitchens, high traffic areas and as a undercoat on old gloss paint, this product now sits permanently on the van saving me space due to it’s all round use. After using these standard products available in white and magnolia only, I went onto use their premium colour emulsion from the Reborn range which now sits nicely with the newly installed Lincrusta staircase that it was used on. These paints I have used on commercial and private projects with no quibble from my clients, and to think all this from a product that otherwise would of ended up in landfill!

I now wait in anticipation that they will extend and round off their product range with a water-based eggshell.”

George from GB Decorating, Yorkshire:


“I’ve used Newborn paint for a few jobs recently and I can recommend the product 100%.  My business is based on an environmentally responsible policy so being able to use a paint like Newlife is perfect.  It’s not just eco-friendly, it actually performs well, it’s nice to work with and a good finish to match the industry leaders.  I am happy to recommend it to my customers.”

Andy Smith from Decorating Naturally, Bedford area:



“Ever since we worked with Newlife to develop their range by providing feedback and testing their products, we have been keen to promote the ethos of re-using and recycling otherwise waste material. Apart from the logistics involved, sourcing and reclaiming waste paint, there are some serious chemistry skills brought to bear, resulting in a consistent, quality product. The features we particularly like are the smoothness of the paint, the excellent opacity and good colour mixing. The Brilliant White emulsion is a very effective coating for ceilings. We hope that we can help increase public acceptance of the recycling concept and the underlying quality of the paint. “

Russell Marlow, West Sussex:


All reviews are supplied by the decorating companies, written in their own words.

Delivery Price Change!

We always say we listen to our customers…

We have received lots of feedback from our customers regarding our delivery charges and following a recent price rise by our courier, we have had a look at what we can do and have amended our charges, they are now as follows:

Orders over £100 are free delivery and there is now a flat rate for all other orders of £9.95. This applies to Newlife Paints and Reborn orders.

Sample pots still include free delivery, however following a sample pot order, you will now receive a single use discount code for £4.99 which you can use within 2 months on any purchase of a 2.5 or 5L pot.

*This change is initially being run for a trial period, any feedback is welcome

Manufacturing back in Sussex

We are pleased to announce that we are now back to manufacturing down here in Sussex. Back in the heat of the summer last year Newlife Paints shut down it’s manufacturing in Sussex and moved everything to Birmingham, where a licensee had recently started work. Birmingham being more central for both the supply of waste coming in and the distribution of fresh paint going out. However, it didn’t take long for Keith to miss working in the factory and poor Linda started to forget what he looked like as he was spending so much time up in Birmingham, so when a new licensee set up just down the road from us Keith jumped at the chance to manufacture locally again. Medisort, based in Littlehampton West Sussex, where they currently collect clinical waste has decided to expand into a new waste source (paint) and is already manufacturing for us (with Keith’s assistance).

There are also 2 possible licensees interested and in discussions at the moment, hopefully something we can report soon.


Mini Moderns- working together with Newlife Paints

Newlife Paints are proud to introduce you to the gorgeous own brand range by Mini Moderns. The colours have been specially selected to co-ordinate perfectly with their beautiful, unique, wallpaper range. Each of the 12 colours are colour matched by Keith in the factory and not one is the same as our Reborn Collection, so if you can’t find quite what you are looking for with us please head over to Mini Moderns to have a look at their selection.

Their bright and bold range is inspired by a range of influences from mid-century British textiles to vintage toys, from literature to childhood memories. Travel also influences their work – and much of their inspiration comes from holidays and field trips, both at home and abroad.

Not only does the paint match the wallpaper, but you can also buy room accessories to go with it as well, what an amazing idea no more searching around for items to match your colour scheme this way you can buy everything in one place.

My favourite:

The Camberwell Beauty Collection, available in 4 different colourways.

Camberwell Beauty

Do you fancy making your own recycled paint?


The licence contains everything you need to set up your own recycling factory; it covers step by step instructions for the process, laboratory information (the important bit for returning product to saleable condition), list of equipment, and most importantly, training for staff on the process on site and/or at your site. Licences cover an exclusive area (for production only), so you don’t have any other Newlife licensees setting up within your area.

We are actively looking for possible licensees, particularly in Europe, if you are interested please contact us for further information. 01903 716183